Best Candle Practice

Here at Pieces of Luv, we want to make sure our customers know and stay informed constantly with the best ways to handle our creations but also all other candles products. So here’s a couple of tips and best practices we have found to be very informative and helpful in the preservation of homemade Soy Candle products. 

Please be sure to maintain the current wick length off our candle once purchased. This helps stabilize flame control and soot build-up on your glass. Each time you light your candle you should check for these things to help preserve candle life. (General Wick length is 1/4 inch) 

The first time you light your beautiful candle, let it burn for 2 hours (Pretty Please) to allow the melted wax to reach the edge of the glass rim. Doing these things will prevent your candle from tunneling and helps create a smooth, clean burn throughout. 


-Please try to enjoy your lit experience in increments up to 4 hours only with EACH burn.

- Burn candles away from air drafts and ceiling fans, and/or any other current of air. 

- Never leave a burning candle unattended 

Be sure to keep your candle away from flammable items such a shame clothing, paper, etc. Always burn your candle on stable/sturdy/heat resistant surfaces. Don’t forget to always put out your candles when the enjoyment process has concluded or candle will be left unattended. 

Love Always from Pieces of Luv

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