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Pieces Of Luv Handmade Candles

Tea Light Lit Bags

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100 % Soy Wax 

Are you running low on tea lights for your Favorite Holders, Warmers and Steamy showers turned into Spa experiences?

If so be sure to Grab a Lit Bag to keep the party going without a hiccup, 

Here at Pieces of Luv we like options so we figured we give you a couple OPTIONS to choose from. (You like what we did there?) 

Tea Light Lit bags are the only place you can find scents all year round no matter the season.

Each order will come with 12 Tealights of your choice. 

There are three ways to GET Lit with our Tea Light bags:

One Luv: Restock on your favorite scent, just choose which ever scent your heart desires. 

3 Way Split: Choose up to three different scents,( after Purchase is complete (an associate will each out for your choices) 

Makers Mix: Chosen at random by your favorite candle makers